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This movie captures eleven talented ladies doing what they do best - licking lips, biting tits, spanking ass and fucking dildos. Francesca Le starts things off by spreading her ass cheeks for newcomer Vixxen for a little anal. Following this hot, slutty scene you'll see horny bitches energetically eating each other up! The scene heats up even more later when a couple naughty vixens lube each other up with some oil so they can slip and slide into each other!


It's enough to make your custer stand. Stuart Canterbury presents an Anal-Indian Spectacle. Featuring the stunning Misty Rain as a young, innocent country hottie who remembers the days when Geranalmo taught her the ways of the red man and the rod, man. Misty does the backdoor, and Kitty Yung tops her in a full-cast gang bang! Poke a hot ass? Geranalmo!

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These little darlings have a private. They like it through the back door. In fact, they love it, and that's the only way they want it. But you can't give it to them like their girlfriends can!

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With celebration of grand subtlety in its title, Ass Parade, comes as close to any effort of Parliament Video's in recent memory to nail the bullseye on eroticism, photography and setting. And it sure doesn't hurt to have a couple of relatively fresh faces on the adult scene to look at, either. Railing their respective cabooses, Dana Lynn and Stephanie Rage take us poolside whereby they shimmer out of cute warm weather regalia and into paint by numbers orgasm. We've all seen the self-manipulation routine before, but Rage's wiggle out of her sundress is extra special landscaping to familiar terrain. A name that should become increasingly familiar to adult viewers is Sunny Daye, a perky pug-nosed blonde with very high thigh tan lines who co-habitates the California blondes tape with Blondie. Daye has more of that girl next door look which works very well to her advantage in this style format-making her seem more accessible to the average Joe. Daye's number is a strip out of an aerobics outfit after she's been working a lather with situps and fanny raises. In a gesture that's little more true to life, she then replaces the burnt calories with a swig of Cuervo Gold. Blondie (who looks more Brunetti, here) is shown booting her boyfriend (Tony Montana) out of her car and then goes into a lengthy strip/play with herself number on her front seat. Definitely a case of art imitating life.

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XXX Orgy Fun Watch in amazement as this swinging pack of friends gets together for some old school group sex enjoyment. There are tits and ass cheeks getting pounded all over the place. Sometimes you just have to put your morals aside and follow the crowd!!

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Beautiful backdoor babes offer their hot butt holes for passionate probing by horse-hung hunks. Blonde bombshells and Asian cuties take on black and white backdoor dudes. Kia, Kimberly Kummings and other beauties take every inch of cock into their sweet hinnies and beg for more!

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Vicki (Sherry St. Clair) is told by her husband that when he comes home from work tonight he wants to do it "anally." He even leaves her a book on "how to do it." Horrified, she calls her best friend Mary. But Mary offers no consolation. She says that she and her husband do it all the time and so do the Johnsons (John Holmes and Lili Marlene). Vicki's imagination is set in motion as she is told to go over to the Smithers House where lots of people are going through the "backdoor." Vicki does take over and takes a first-hand "peek" at what's going on. The Smithers House is a veritable hot-house of carnal pleasure. Sex-crazed young girls taking it from behind seems to be the normal way of life here. As Vicki takes from one room to the other she spies a lucious redhead (Christel Loven) getting a rather unusual massage from two men (Paul Thomas and Marc Wallice) and they're not rubbing her back. In another room a young Japanese beauty (Yoko Wong) is showing Dann Mann her rear port-of-call. Vicki encounters the beautiful Nichole West spreading her gorgeous personality on the stairway for the first guy to come along. Vicki is still shocked as she stares at Fawn Paris being taken by two men at the same time. Lili Marlene is again ready and willing to have Blair Harris poke a little fun at her, through the backdoor, of course. After this hot education, Vicki changes her backward ways and slides down on Billy Dee's manhood while Buck Adams takes her from behind offering her pain and pleasure from the double-trouble boys.


There's a new crusader in Gotham tonight. Not some muscleheaded man from another planet. Not some half-human, leather-winged weirdo. It's BATBABE and she's come here to kick some seriously sexual ass.

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Have pager, will travel. They come to you. In more ways than one. These horny cock craving whores want to fuck! Watch a hot brunette get her ass rocked while she swallows hard cock in the pool. This flick has variety, with big-busted black sluts who need two cocks at once.

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Step to the Rear. Everyone's favorite proctologist is back, butt, boy, is he bummed! It seems his luscious nurse, Fanny, has turned tail and run. Butt not to fear, new nurse Bottoms and a beautiful bevy of ravenous rump-humpers can hardly wait to drop their drawers and lift his spirits. Can they make him forget Fanny? You bet your ass!

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Get ready to spice up your hot pepper with, Latino Nights! This hot guy thriller is one steamy movie with hot guy on guy action that will sure to make you pop. These guys love ass fucking, and cock sucking. Get ready because the These nights get hot.

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This is a dramatized account of Sabrina's grooming in preparation of her exploding onto the scene of adult entertainment! Daughter vs. Mommy. May the best slut win! Being a slut is more than what appears to the eye. In this family, sluts are a way of life. This mommy/daughter duo fuck, suck and tease all the men in their lives. Mom knows best in all things, like keeping a man hard and making him want more. Daughter just likes to take it in the ass while talking to her next fuck on the phone. Who is the better slut? Watch this feature to find out!

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All About Annette, 1982, should be called Nothing Much About Annette according to Bob Rimmer. Annette Haven spends a few minutes talking with Al Goldstein. "I cook, I sew, I clean, I knit baby booties...the only difference between me and lots of women is that I think sex is ok, and I'm not afraid to say so...The whole point of my being in the industry is to help change American attitudes and establish that sex is a good thing. I still consider myself a lady."

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Sins of Sandra is set in the high stakes neon jungle of Las Vegas. A bound, blindfolded cute woman is led into the home of "Mr. Ricco". "Why did ya delete Johnny?" he mutters in a terrible Italian accent. The girl’s name is Julie and she tells a sad, sordid story. She fell in love with Johnny, a creepy-looking swinger who operated a strip joint for the syndicate. He takes her to a porno flick where we watch some black dude stuff his root up some white chick's cottage cheese-ridden ass. When Johnny tries to coax Julie into a group grope, she knows the honeymoon’s over. She catches him with Sandra, an Asian with a me-so-horny face. Alone with Julie, Sandra tells her that the mafia has put out a contract on Johnny for skimming profits. They hatch a plan to delete him. Julie, crazed with revenge, doesn’t realize she’s being set up by this Dragon Lady... Who really deleted Johnny the happy humper? Will Mr. Ricco go medieval on Julie’s shapely ass? Did people really dress like that in the 70’s? The answers are all revealed in Sins of Sandra.

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Gina has a thing for rotten men. Her current man has a habit, and that habit is losing. When a bad ass pimp threatens his life after shutting down his tab, Gina is went onto the streets where she sells her tight little body to the lowest bidder. Don't be mistaken, she isn't some innocent victim. Gina loves cock - in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass, all at once any way she can get it; Gina will devour it. While selling herself on the mean streets of San Francisco, Gina looses interest in her weak minded lover and instead attaches herself to the strong arms of the pimp who promises to protect, serve and dominate her until her last breath.

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Well, Anal Annie is at it again. In the first episode of the Anal Annie series, our infamous blonde bombshell introduced the delights of anal love to several horny housewives. In this episode, she encounters a number of couples, one of which is having problems getting it on. The husband meets Annie, and is instructed in the fine art of anal seduction. Quite by accident, his wife is also introduced to Annie and is seduced. Neither the husband nor the wife know that the other has seen Annie until that night when both return home with one of Annie's adult toys. They ravish each other's bodies as never before. Once again, Annie has fulfilled her mission.

The Erotic World of Linda Wong

Now I’ve seen it all… really high-minded pretentious porn that takes itself so seriously that it’s funny. Ah, but the good news is that Oriental goddess Linda Wong makes a long-awaited return to the hardcore scene and her sex scenes illicit that old “I’d love to have an Oriental woman” response. This gal is sexy. She stares into the camera a lot; that’s for sure. And other characters such as Jon Martin stare passively into the lens, have wild sex, and stare passively again. But Linda has aged nicely; her body is still wroth fantasizing about. Highlighting The Erotic World of Linda Wong is a three-girl menage-a-trois, a very erotic scene with Linda and Richard Pacheco and Lili Marlene taking on two friends.

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These karate girls will fuck you up, and then fuck you. They have mastered the use of their bodies through years of discipline, and they are ready to show you what they've learned. So get ready to play Crouching Tiger, Hidden Boner with these sexy assassins.

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Annabel Chong is an anal porn legend. She spread her ass checks and took in rods that would make other girls cry. This nice girl can finally be viewed in all her haughtiness in this tri-facto cum fiesta. Watch and see why Annabel is the woman who made the DP a standard thing. Truly a hardcore women.

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The black knights have arrived to thrust their swords into their maiden's delicate anal sheaths! The undisputed champion of anal swordplay, King Paul, works his famous cock magic in 2 raunchy ass gaping scenes! The legendary Johnny Keyes can barely fit into the tight winking holes of Serena and Chris Cassidy! Other films include: A devious anal villain in Hard Black Love — Pamâ's Ass! A giant black stud gives a tiny Asian lass multiple anal orgasms! Every collector of the 1970's raunchiest films will surely be pleased with these 15 hand-picked films, each promising black cocks squeezing into pink tight holes! 

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It's an Anal Ski Vacation when Rocco, Biff, and the crew snow plow their way into the tightest crevices on the slopes. Every ski run is an exciting slalom ending at a ski bunny's backdoor; (Monique, Celeste, Natashia, Sunset Thomas and Sha Wnee Cates.) You won't need a ski lift to slip your pole into one of these hot Buttered ski lodge beauties, Enjoy!

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