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Die Total Versaute Fernsehshow

Stories of sexual encounters of a German man retelling his amazing sex adventures with young beautiful girls in the late eighties. Perfectly casted girls are moaning and screaming in pleasure while doing everything from deep anal to raw double penetration and cum eating in this great vintage classic that is an absolute thrill ride from the start to the end

Screaming Orgasms

Nobody does it better than blonde goddess, Seka, a legend in her own time and rightly so. This cool-looking beauty with the superhot pussy has never been better than you see her doing everything you've always dreamed of seeing her doing: masturbating with fingers and dildo, licking another girl's crotch in a torrid lesbian encounter, going at it in every direction with voluptuous Vanessa Del Rio and a handsome hung stud. Even traveling the anal route and participating in an all out orgy of explosive sexual passions! She is willing to do anything and everything to satisfy her unbridled lusts!

Major League Tits

We all love a fine pair of tits what better lay our heads to rest. the best breasts all cum together in search of the best orgasmic rush. Nipples are a poppin' and so are you. Major League Tits will rock your joint.

Jail Time Girls

In Jail Time Girls, magazine writer Marc STevens interviews sex-offender Andrea True behind bars — both hamming it up with regional accents — and we see her "story" acted out, to a driving sitar rag. (Sex and sitar music, you may remember, used to go together like a horse and carriage.) Blowing her jailer, Andrea drawls, "For a pig, you got a nice cock." When Loretta, a sexy blonde brat from the Big Apple, is arrested on a vagrancy charge, the erotic content of this flick, for the Deviate at any rate, increased exponentially. Wow! Wait till you get a load of her!

Get Bi Tonight

Are you ready for the ultimate in sexual exercise? Any and all holes are filled by the horniest of bisexualists in this nonstop pure sex film. Every frame filled with hard action. Dick-sucking, pussy eating, and cum-shooting by some of the hottest bi-lovers you'll ever see is the calling of the day. Just think of the possibilities as two guys and a girl get together! It's the ultimate cock enlarger, it's the prime pussy welter, it's a hell of a way to Get Bi Tonight!


This narrated story has Lon Flexx dreaming of beefcake Alex Stone in a railroad tunnel. Alex strips from macho clothing and fondles his chest and tits. Rubbing his tits hard, Alex jacks off, as the camera offers larger-than-life close-ups. Both Lon and Alex take to beating off in this red-lighted segment. Later, after Lon wakes, his buddy and traveler, Michael Brawn, imagines himself with lovely Lon in a bathroom of a hotel. Uncut and handsome Michael sucks Lon off before being fucked up the ass. Their oral sex is excellently photographed, too, with lots of saliva dripping from cock and mouth. This long segment continues with huge close-ups of Lon sucking Michael's fat cock. Lon spies Butch Taylor and Sean Fox, next, in a fantasy room through a hole in the bathroom wall. Butch, in chaps, gets a blow job from Sean as he squats on the bed. Larger-than-life close-ups follow this action well, as we also see Alex there, beating off to the action. Butch fucks Sean up the butt both doggie and missionary-style before all three shoot big cum loads. Brad Phillips joins J. Jenkins in a wood shop. As Lon watches from the doorway, Jenkins licks Brad's crotch in his jockstrap. Lots of jock-licking precedes a well-photographed blow job and some intense foreplay. They 69 for a time until Brad fucks the man hard and deep on the workbench. Huge close-ups of fucking really bring this home to the viewer. Michael joins a bartender (cute, tattooed, lean, and hung) for hard doggie-fucking and long-dicking in the mouth and butt. A final scene has Alex and Lon in a fast and intense scene.

Anal Senorita 2

If you love anal sex then get ready for one of the best classic all-anal compilation movies out there. Some of the best porn stars around cum together to create 4 great scenes of ass pounding, dick licking action. These girls are ready and waiting to take it up the ass in any position.

Orgasmi a Venezia

In Venice, the eternal city of love, it is easy to get lost in passion. This Italian movie from the early '90s is a star studded porn classic that takes us from the romantic canals and vistas to the luxury villa's, filled with some of the best scenes of double penetration and group sex of it's time. Young actresses are a treat for the eyes with their perfect petite bodies, willing to do everything from anal to cum eating.

Les Memoires Dune Pute

Laura Valerie, one of the biggest stars of the French porn in the early 90's recalls her life story of a whore to a writer who records the confession so he can finish writing her memoirs. From a cheap street slut to a big international star, Laura gladly tells the tale of hot sex with no boundaries, of her anal pleasures and her insatiable desire for cum and a big warm dick jammed down her throat, until even fucking the writer himself in this retro classic.

Just Between Friends

David Sanders is a nice guy, but there's one thing that casts a blight on his life - all the women use and misuse him. Take his wife, for example. This slutty bitch fucks every delivery boy! The last straw was when David found her fucking some refugee from Cuba. That day he decided that his life should change, and that's when he heard a commercial on the radio. A Dr Anthrax promised to turn every guy into a real man, and David decided to gve it a try. Dr Anthrax turned out to be a very strange man, and his therapy consisted of watching a couple of porn movies. Enjoying hot blowjobs, steamy fucking sessions and cum shots is cool, but how is it supposed to help David? After this weird session he picks up a sexy girl (played by gorgeous Ebony Ayes) who says she knows a real legend how to turn David into a real man... This fantastic 80s porn movie is full of raunchy action and humor, it has both an exciting plot and legendary porn stars in the cast. What else is there to desire?

Cherry Poppers 9

Yeah, right, these bitches don?t have any behavioral problems aside from the fact that they need a big fat cock up each one of their holes and cum on their face at all times! 2 full hours- super hardcore action.

Dirty Blue Movies: Smutmasters

Cock hungry! This sinsational little ho loves to suck cock and eat cum. Watch her do what she knows best and that's sexually satisfy everybody in the fucking room! This young hottie has a big craving for some sizzling sex! Dirty Blue Movies 3 promises nothing but the finest looking, cock sucking, and dick-swallowing whore you will ever come to encounter. The best part is she doesn't even fuck one guy, but two at the same time! IT'S A MUST SEE!

Neurose Sexual

A tribute to the magic of threesomes, this cult Brazilian classic porn movie takes place in the early eighties, with a perfect teen cast led by gorgeous Jonia Freund. Hot interracial, girl on girl, and a gallon of cum in some of the best and messiest facials ever, the action and sex never stops as the movie leads us from one horny threesome to another, while the girls scream in real and powerful orgasms.


Nikki Wilde plays a sexy owner of a detective agency. Her business is slow, so when a pretty girl called Candy asks to find out if her boyfriend cheats on her Nikki agrees. She sends her best detective to spy on Candy's boyfriend while she's away, and the handsome stud gets all the information he needs from a talkative neighbor. She has a lot to tell, but she wants something in return. A wild fucking session is exactly what she needs, and the horny detective is always ready to please a bored housewife. After seeing Candy's boyfriend fuck another girl the detective gets back to the office, the job is done. Nikki breaks the news to Candy, and their talk ends up with the hottest lesbian fucking ever! Don't forget that this movie is one of the classic porn masterpieces, so be prepared for lots of hot action including hot blowjobs, amazing sex scenes, anal fucking and great cum shots!

Black Superstars

Classic black porn lovers look no further because all the old-school Black Superstars are here. In this black cream mixer the best of the best cum to play. From the infamous Sahara to Prince Tamu the black cherry is ready to pop.

The Clinic

The day in the life of one Horny General Hospital of the early 70’s A naughty XXX soap opera. Natural tits and thick hairy bush. Taking temperatures with cock thermummyeter hot female patients seem to get better after they cum. Horny nurses with hairy bush gets seduced by patients and doctors. If you're looking for a blowjob go to this clinic! The nurses here are super horny and ready to fuck on the drop of a dime!!! All these nurses are gorgeous and want their pussies licked and rammed with hard cock. Watch stud after stud bang these sluts on one hospital bed after another.

Eskorte zu Ekstase

Tish Ambrose plays an owner of an agency where rich women can hire handsome guys to make all of their fantasies come true. Tish offers her hot employees a contest - the one who satisfies his female client the most would become "the top cock", have sex with gorgeous Tish and get a $5,000 bonus. While hot studs fall over themselves to get their clients to cloud nine Tish entertains herself having lesbian sex and masturbating. Who will win and get the prize? Watch this cool classic porn movie to find out! It's full of steamy scenes featuring great blowjobs and spectacular cum shots.

Ali Lust

Imagine that an stranger came to our planet to learn about humans, and the first place he finds himself at is a studio where a porn movie is being filmed! What would an stranger think of us as species if he watched people fuck like rabbits, use dildos, go for lesbian action and wild group sex? Well, this stranger obviously loved what he saw, 'cause every sex scene got him more and more excited. Eventually he sees a beautiful girl masturbating and decides to fuck her brains out. Watch this awesome eighties porn movie to learn what sex with an stranger looks like and find out if extraterrestrial cocks make girls cum harder!

Motel Cowboys

Who's ready to ride a stallion? At this seedy Southwestern motel, all the horny travelers are hung and ready for a little cowpoke! Even the horny proprietor (played by hunky Eric Edwards) grabs his bull by the horn for all of us to admire! And, these guys are so hot and horned up that they don't even wait for each other to begin the party ... they pull out their favorite dildo and put a quarter in the bed! Includes great rimming, solo masturbation, nipple play and double dildo scenes! At this motel, all the rooms are "tops". Y'all cum back now, hear?

Up All Night

An invisible power has cum out of the sky and has taken over an elevator in an office building. Everyone who steps into this elevator is overcum by this special power and has an overwhelming desire to fuck! Watch a hot lesbian threesome and many more sexy women get fucked like crazy!

Ultimate Pleasure

Hot group sex, an all-star cast, odd social commentary, and sex magic! A Las Vegas cab driver who is desperate to fuck his frigid wife hits the jackpot when a wounded fare leaves a suitcase of money in his cab. His wife visits a sex clinic where she daydreams of a five man cum bath with John Holmes and lesbian group sex, while the husband hires hooker Annette Haven and her two girlfriends to do a three girl show.

Love In An Elevator

Cum up to this whore's floor. She'll take care of you!! Watch as she fields her male and female callers and does everything in her power to make sure you climax as hard as you possibly can!! She eats twat and sucks cock and is anxious to get down to business in this hot, heavy, and hardcore video!!


In this excellent vintage hardcore movie, brunette tart Aja gets fucked in the back room by perverted mechanic David Morris. At first Aja seems quite nervous, as if she doesn't even want to go into the back room with this grinning stud. However, she wraps her lips around the pole with true enthusiasm - this babe obviously really loves to suck a man's cock! She has got great technique, stroking the shaft, which is soon the glistening with her saliva, while she suckles on the head. However, she's not going to let her man cum in her mouth - she wants to feel that shaft in her vagina! She rides the penis like a consummate professional.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot is a real masterpiece from the golden age of porn! This fantastic 1970s porn movie has it all to become one of your favorites: exciting plot, great actors, steamy action featuring jaw-breaking blowjobs, masturbation scenes, passionate fucking and awesome cum shots. Watch and enjoy!

Idonikes Diastrofes

This awesome Greek classic porn movie has it all to blow you away: beautiful actresses, fantastic sex scenes, great blowjobs, passionate lesbian action and spectacular cum shots.

Hot Shorts Presents Crystal Breeze

A beautiful, delicate looking babe, this super sexpot with the hot throbbing itch between her legs gives her all. Crystal loves to explore her bisexuality and she does just that in this video. We got her best in this ultra-hot, cum-drenched video of sizzling erotica. Enjoy the show!

Babe Watch

If only the original Baywatch had all the hot sex and large nuts as Babe Watch. At Babe Watch beach the censor encourage cum guzzling, hard pounding, and utter sex madness. Tight bathing suits cum flying off when these babes get hot in the sun. Theses hot babes need you to help cover them with your personal sunscreen.

Anal Assassins

Who needs a plot when you have such horny and stunningly beautiful chicks that are prepared to go all the way and let those big hard dicks do whatever they please with their tight young asses? An instant anal classic, from the times when real lust was actually appreciated, this movie brings out the best out of four gorgeous young sluts that moan and scream in huge orgasms as they they get pounded into oblivion and eagerly eat all of the cum off their pretty faces.

Rambone The Destroyer

Rambone and his one eyed horny friend are out to pound pussy wherever they can get it! Watch hot and heavy threesomes with luscious blondes who are hungry for cock and slurp up cum like they haven't eaten in days. Don't miss out on pussy hungry lesbians who break out the strap-ons for some hardcore fun.

Temptation: The Story Of A Lustful Bride

Desiree Lane is one of those stars that are still remembered as some of the hottest pieces of ass in the world. She shines in this classic from the early eighties, playing a lustful little bride who just can't resist the temptation and goes around fucking everything in her way before she gets married and has to be faithful to her husband. From a passionate threesome with legendary Ron Jeremy to some hot lesbian action and a messy orgy with huge facials, the temptation of sex never looked better.

Bachelor Party 1

J.T. Video proudly brings you, "Bachelor Party!" You've never seen a bachelor party as hot as this! At this party, the main entertainment includes a lot of hot and sloppy blowjobs, and even more cum swallowing! After seeing this film, who wouldn't love to have a party like this!

Twisted Girls

Peter North plays a phychologist who works with a very difficult patient. This woman is a repeat sex offender, she seduces men and uses them as sex objects. All she needs is hard fucking, and she uses anything from seduction to blackmailing to get it. When all else fails, the psychologist decided that there's no other way to prove to her that sex can be tender, romantic and affectionate than to actually make love to her. Will the crazy sex addict respond to that new kind of treatment or is she gonna use her doctor just like the rest of the men she had sex with? You'll find the answer in this wonderful classic porn movie, and these fantastic sex scenes that feature hot blowjobs, wild lovemaking and great cum shots are gonna leave you breathless.

Kiss of the Gypsy

Cum get a tarot reading that will open your eyes to a whole new point of view about sex. This gypsy takes a look at her deck and reminisces of five couples that she's known. In scene one a beautiful girl breaks up with her boyfriend, but she finds comfort in the arms of her new lesbian lover!

The Liberty Belles

The Liberty Belles opens with Roland Digby (Rick Lutze) interviewing for a job with a feminist publishing house. The interviewer-cum-editor is Orita De Chadwick (The Godson) and the scene is hilarious. Lutze is so stiff and obviously full of shit that Orita can’t keep a straight face, and both of them wind up cracking up before the post-interview fuck begins. Meanwhile, Lilly Foster and another feminist are out clothes shopping though they acknowledge that men are "only interested in what’s underneath." You see, the women here are activists in "The Movement," which holds the view that "any man who believes in marriage and guys is a chauvinist pig." But don’t fret — the puerile politics is just a ploy for the porn, and nothing even remotely serious is going on here. Indeed, Lutze and Orita haven’t a single conversation where they don’t dissolve into laughter. In one scene, as Orita gazes after the departing Lutze trying hard not to smile, we can hear the off-camera director tell her, "Look down," which she promptly does. Lutze’s acting is at its awful best and the whole cast seems to be having fun.

True Sin

What is true sin? Cum on in and find out. This steamy flick highlights true sin and provides a great time for the watcher! It's got lots of cock sucking and pussy licking for you to enjoy! It will leave you weak in the knees with its hot sex scenes. There is even some lesbian action in here! You'll love this one!

Super Super Bestia

Super Super Bestia is an exciting classic 70s porn movie with such famous actresses as Barbara Moose and Brigitte Lahaie in the leading roles. This video is so full of hot action, you'll watch it over and over again. Lesbian sex, steamy blowjobs, great cum shots and way more for you to enjoy!

Mr Billions Dollar Babies 2

Here's the sequel to the famous 80s porn movie "Mr Billions Dollar Babies" that you've been waiting for! It's hard to believe, but part 2 is even hotter than the first one! So sit back and enjoy incredibly steamy action that includes group sex, arousing blowjobs, fantastic cum shots and way more...

The Hottest Show in Town

Welcome to the Hottest Show in Town! The ladies are sluts, the men are meat logs, and the cum pours like a fountain onto waiting faces! In this classic film from Domain Girls, the show gets hot and heavy, and the ratings soar - just like your arousal!

Desiree West Collection

One of the most under-recognized black fuckdolls in porn, Desiree West (a/k/a Patricia Lee) was a regular, though second-billed, starlet in many early features and loops. Everyone knows her when they see her: slim and stacked with a perfect pear-shaped ass, suckable large teardrop tits, a mouth that screams "blowjob", and smooth coffee-with-creme color skin. Here's a kickass collection of 16 of her best and rarest scenes from the late 70's in Daddy's Little Girl, Teen Angel, V: The Hot One, Sweet Cakes, That's Porno, Valley PTA Vista and more. Don't miss Scene #2 where her cocksucking skills are enough to make even (by-then) jaded Rick Lutz go all epileptic while shooting his load all over her pre-cum drenched lips! Two hours of Desiree at her hottest!