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Moving day with Kayla Jane Danger and Cali Logan

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ExxxtraSmall - Chloe Temple Flashes A Vertical Smile For Her

An extra small chick like Chloe Temple sometimes needs help doing physical labor. Like today, while she is moving, there is no way she can handle all those boxes by herself.

Avi Love Warms Herself Up For Some Anal

On the way to set, Avi Love warms up her tiny butthole with a dildo and vibrator in the backseat of a moving car.

El Mirón y la Exhibicionista

Jess Franco and Lina Romay both directed this hardcore flick, although it seems all Franco with his slow moving camera and constant zoom shots. A woman (Romay) notices a man spying on her from a hotel room across from hers so she gives him something to look at. This is basically three short films, ala three sex acts, put together with a short running time of 54-minutes. You can tell this is one of Franco's quickies that he filmed in a day or two but it features a nice score from Pablo Villa as well as being somewhat erotic. Making this erotic might be Franco's greatest directing work considering Romay certainly wasn't in top form here. She's packing quite a bit a weight, which is rather strange because I've seen other flicks from Franco in 1986 and her look is quite different. Oh well, the crazy world of Franco.

Closed Eyes and Open Thighs

Is it real or is it fantasy? It doesn't matter, because you see it all. A horny jock without a date closes his eyes and suddenly before his bulging crotch there is the super sexy superstar, Jeanna Fine, a silver-haired beauty with a delicious body. A virgin, she has come to be devirginized by her tutor, who is only too happy to teach her to play with her own treasures for awhile before moving on to his, kissing him in that special spot, in that special way and to take his full measure with her virginal canal. She likes it. So will you. Also on hand is cute cheerleader-type Stacey Donovan, whose sleek body and pouting mouth are put to good use as she wallows in a kinky threeway with another girl and he-man, Paul Thomas, in drag! Don't let Paul's feminine undergarments fool you. Sprouting from his pantied crotch is the tree of life that does with the two female sexpots exactly what you'd expect it to do. And talk about kinky! How about veteran x-rated stud Tom Byron getting his offbeat kicks with a silver-haired maid by laying her across his lap and spanking her. Followed by his putting a metal-studded choker around her pretty neck, the better to guide her through the various ways he likes to make love. Lesbian action? You got it when Stacey Donovan returns to have fun in front of a fireplace with a masked brunette. The girls find other flesh to fool around with though, when two raunchy guys discover them for fun and games.

The Altar of Lust

A woman's session with a psychiatrist leads her to recall her past sexual experiences--being fucked as a teen by her father, moving to swinging New York and having sex with a man in the woods, joining him in a menage-a-trois with another gal, and realizing her lesbian desires. This Roberta Findlay sexploiter stars Stan Freemont and Ann Young.

Taboo 7

Moving in an entirely different direction from its predecessors, Taboo 7 brings you into the world of Whitestone, a place located somewhere between the Wild and the Innocent side of human sensuality. Here the students are encouraged to explore and develop their awakening talents in a free and open environment. Here too, their emotions run rampant, free of society's inhibitions. Within the walls of Whitestone all things are possible, that beyond are strictly

Feuchte Lust

A German classic from the '80s, Feuchte Lust is a great compilation of scenes without much plot or story development. But there is klistier and show stealing ebony beauty to be found in this hidden gem. It starts with an amazing lesbian scene in a hot tub, moving forward until culminating with a great threesome with Ebony Ayes, who gives a beautiful passionate performance very much worth the wait.

Slippery When Wet

Talk about your long hauls! This unoriginal series of sex scenes draped around a "slapstick comedy about two vacationing couples" (to use the studio press release) is about as moving as a rush hour traffic jam and as varied as turnpike fast food. The vacationing foursome (Erica Boyer, Tom Byron, Marc Wallace and newcomer Barbara Dare) get their car stuck in a ditch when they pay too much attention to each other and not enough on the road. Soon the guys get some roadside aid from cutie Candie Evans at a nearby house, while the girls, left to fend for themselves, are rescued by Tony Martino, a tow truck driver who has a jacuzzi at home (that's the life). Meanwhile, Tamara Longley is surprised in the tub by burglar Raymond Dandee, who receives some special booty before the gang is all reunited for a group scene. But guess what? This has all simply been an erotic dream of Boyer's while on the road (an original plot twist if ever there was one)! C'mon guys, with stories like this it's no wonder the writer and director didn't give themselves credits. When it comes to sex, stalwart performers like Boyer, Byron, Longley and Wallace have been much better served. Neophyte Barbara Dare shows promise (as well as cutting quite the fine figure), but over one-third of her screen time is devoted to the Obligatory Lesbian Scenes. Add to this a soundtrack that makes the few lines of dialogue difficult to hear and some bad matching of daytime scenes that are supposed to be night, and you will find that Slippery When Wet is indeed a hazardous condition to be avoided.

Broadway Boys

Moving to New York to further his career, David Mann samples the local natives. More sex than story.

Midnight Heat

Roger Watkins is most well known, among cult film fans, as the director of the enigmatic Last House on Dead End Street. A masterpiece in it's own right, most fans of the film are only vaguely aware of the career direction that he followed after that film, moving into hardcore films. Luckily, the same elements that made Last House... a minor classic remain present in Watkins' hardcore films, which make them entirely unique. Jamie Gillis plays Alan, a man who's credo is more or less (I'm paraphrasing here) "if something isn't dangerous, it's not worth doing." The film opens with Alan nonchalantly destroying a man. Later, Alan ends up relaxing with the mob boss' wife, which leads to him hiding out, avoiding the threat of death. While Alan is stuck in his slummy hotel room, the viewer experiences flashbacks that Alan has of elements of his life (all involving sex) which have more or less led him to the place where he is today; he is more or less apathetic, an "hollow man" as T.S. Eliot (who is briefly referenced) would say.We're shown how his relationship with his wife disintegrated by his utter apathy, his inability to emote, or even really have an emotional response to anything. We're shown how his relationship with a whore leads to him having larger, higher profile hit jobs. And none of it is very pretty. Eventually Alan calls an relax service and has two girls come to his hotel room. Once there, he watches while they fuck each other, claiming that he "prefers to watch." After the two are done, he pays them and asks one of the girls, Diane, to say. Despite some concern from the other call girl, Diane agrees.

Midnight Magic

Elizabeth & Ron Ron's wife has her girlfriend Elizabeth, visit them. Elizabeth is very interested in Ron's sexual prowess, after being subjected to wifey's continuous bragging. That morning Ron is cornered in the bathroom by Elizabeth, and the truth literally comes out. Toy & Chuck Chuck invites his girl's best friend over to discuss a personal problem. Although Toy is not easily conned, she agrees to help him overcome his problem. The problem? Having never experienced a blowjob. Teresa & F.M. Jack has finally decided to work out, so he invites F.M. over to assist him, jack the procrastinator, decides to make a trip to the store first, leaving F.M., alone with his sex starved wife Teresa. Needles to say F.M. comes under horny attack. Jasmine & Jimmy Jimmy has been told by his mom that her friend Jasmine needs help moving to a new apartment. Arriving at Jasmine's home Jimmy is prepared to assist with just that. However, Jasmine has some very creative "movement" plans of her very own.


Sylvia is a racy, action packed, fast moving, in-depth study about severely berated human behavior. Not since Three Faces of Eve has a film attempted to so clearly define a true history of multiple personality. Sylvia D'Constant (Joanna Bell) is seemingly a quiet, reserved, saintly person living on a quiet, reserved well-manicured street in upper-middle class suburbia. From the opening of this film, the viewer becomes involved in the gamut of intrigue, twists, turns, and always the unexpected as we experience Sylvia.

Gettin Ready

The old Hot Teens in Camp plot has been brought back to good measure in this deliciously naughty romp. the plot is breezy, but the formidable cast of some of porn's best performers prove equal to their sensual tasks. Ali Moore and Mindy Rae are two stuck-up debutantes who attend Campo Beverly Hills, a summer vacation complex where sexual stimulation is king. already somewhat experienced in the ways of the world, our two debs immediately take to the carnal goings-on at camp. And adding help along their way to womanhood are horny camp directors (Eric Edwards and Jacqueline Lorians), counselors (Randy West and Peter North), a sex teacher (Tracy Adams) and fellow camper (Angel West). The plot may sound similar to Little Girls Blue and other adult movies, but the sexual situations keep the story moving and the juices flowing. Here, director Jerome Bronson allows us peeks at revved-up sexplay in a gorgeous white limousine, a lathery encounter in a bathtub between big-busted Mindy Rae and sweet-faced Ali Moore, and a no-holds-barred classroom sex education demonstration. This well-mounted film's focus often falls on oral encounters, and there are several heavy-panters to recommend. Mindy Rae and Ali Moore may make you forget Linda Lovelace and Jesie St. James with their super-suction, methods. However, it's Jessica Wylde's lip-synching to rugged Randy West's organ-playing that takes the cake. Whewww! Also worthy of extra notice are Mindy Rae's breast-banging abilities. Gettin' Ready may not be the most original XXXer ever made. The dialogue is sprinkled with annoying "fer sure"s and characters have over-used "Valley Girl" names like "Muffy" and "Babs". But such criticism shouldn't deter you from catching one of the year's more entertaining adult offerings. Although no camp classic, Gettin' Ready is one provocative pleaser.

Lust in Space

By late morning Glinda has come and gone, blithely unaware she has been spotted by TWITT (Harry Reems), a space cadet sent by Vixanna to bring the sex-tra terrestrial back to the fold. In LA, and anxious to make up for her lost years of chocked up celibacy, Glinda links up first with Stevey (Lana Burner) then her partner, Bob (Herschel Savage), two engaging earthlings who make ends meet providing play for pay at private parties. Moon-struck by Glindas true grits and class, they invite her to attend that evenings explicit entertainment. But no sooner are inhibitions shed, the party moving into high gear, then a pricking of her thumbs warns Glinda she has been pushing her luck. Sure enough, TWITT is lurking outside in the dark shadows watching the merry lovemakers with a rapidly growing determination.. Now hard on her tail, seeing his flown bird in the palm of his hand, the cosmic cop transmigrates indoors only to blow his cool and, in the final clinch, Glinda beats him to the punch, TWITT discovering that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Sweet Captive

Discover the highest ransom conceivable--the price of a debt unpaid. From total exploitation and perversion, to moving and sensual love scenes; a sweet man is transformed to a submissive love object by her captors.

Dance Fever

Feel the Beat! You'll learn that here is more to dancing than just moving your feet in this sex filled feature. We are introduced to a world of horny hard bodies who would rather copulate than dance. Sensuous "Chic" centerfold, Ginger Lynn shows us the ins and outs of doing what feels good and she doesn't miss a beat. The movements this delectable honey makes are enough to make anyone's mouth water! Porn superstars Misty Regan and Lynn Raye have a surprise for the ladies - it seems they have a date with a handsome male stripper (John Stagliano). This virile young hunk gets more than he bargains for as these two delectable vixens give it to him every way imaginable. If that's not enough, wait 'til you see what these other nymphs have waiting for you. Pulse pounding sex and deep pleasure abounds in this sensual expose. Each hot throbbing moment is filled with scene after scene of passionate male-female, female-female and solo sex. Every facet of "sex dancing" is covered. So get hot with "Dance Fever!

Hot Rocks

This offering features one of the most used plots in all of porndom. It's the radio station that improves its ratings by turning to sexually charged content. This time out, the station managers decide to really throw caution to the wind and have folks actually have sex right there in the studio, while the whole world is listening. Or at least that portion of the world within a couple of miles of the broadcast tower. Anyway, whatever the story pretends to be about, it's actually about some of the most enticing and exciting talents of their day doing their utmost to get a rise out of their audience. Nina Hartley shows why she's considered one of the greatest hardcore talents ever, showing off her amazingly taut and tight figure as she takes on all comers with passion and ardor. Angel Kelly was one of the first black superstars of porn, a breathtakingly scrumptious beauty whose curvalicious good looks provide some of the flick's best moments. There's lots of high spirited couplings throughout this one, each one pulled off with an air of fun and fervor that keeps things moving along at a breezy pace. No one takes themselves too seriously and they all seem to be having a great time -- one more element that separates this one from most modern endeavors. A great way to get into that old-school spirit.

Sinfully Yours

It's moving day for Mark and Paula. Their thoughts return to all the delicious sexcapades they shared here. We join Mark in a scorching scene of sexual abandon with Dawn, Paula's girl! He remembers the wet and outrageous sex in explicit, close-up detail. But Paula has some pretty esciting memories of her own as she remembers her sensual lesbian affair with girl Dawn. And you won

Nasty Lady

This is the story of a highly sexed and very charming country girl moving to the big city looking for love, excitement and erotic thrills. Tara Aire gives one of the best acting jobs of her career, playing the country girl J.J., who goes to San Francisco to meet her old high school friend Katy (played by Lynx Canon).

Moving In Ganz Tief Drin

When the next door neighbors are MOVING IN, "There goes the neighborhood!" Only Alex deRenzy can bring an adult comedy to the screen with such raw and nasty animalistic passion. An outrageous interracial couple (Lili Marlene and F.M. Bradley) introduce themselves into the normal lives of Chuck and Sonia Rollins (Ron Jeremy and Stacey Donovan) and infect them with the spirit of proper modern suburbia swinging. Ron fills in for Lili's tired dildo and Field Marshal Bradley finds a way to take more than just a bath with Stacey, climaxing into the hottest scene Stacey Donovan has ever filmed. The black stud then shows the more than willing blonde Lili the true meaning of a back door visit. Lili then shows how to turn a stuffy meeting into a no-holes-barred, four-way orgy. A gift-wrapped Nina Hartley provides the wildest ride imaginable when Jake (Bradley) surprises his buddy Chuck. Just about that time Sonia and Chuck realize how their newfound friends of the flesh have opened the raunchy horizons of their sex lives. Alex deRency, the true master of spicy, sizzling sex-drenched cinema, climaxes the proceedings with a surprise twist ending that will leave you gasping, "There goes the neighborhood!"

Moving In (German Version)

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Erotic Dance Performance 4 - Proximity and Distance of Sexes

This dance symbolizes that men and women are like two magnets - once they attract to each other, then they repel each other, later moving again to attract and coalesce to a unique complete couple.

Some Busty Solo Time

Bust Belle moving and shaking for our enjoyment. Bless her heart.

Alex Jordan - Buttfucked in a moving vehicle.

Alex Jordan bangs her hubby in a moving vehicle while Bill Marigold does "play by play". What an ASS! (...her's...and Marigold!)

Ashlyn Gere and Peter North fuck

Classic stars Ashlyn Gere and Peter North make out in the living room before moving to the brown leather sofa for some hardcore fucking.

Marilyn Chambers DP Threesome

Porn legend Marilyn Chambers is moving, but when the movers arrive she's more interested in their cocks than them lifting boxes. Marilyn takes a throbbing dick from both studs.

Moving In

Nikki has a problem. Nikki has a roommate, Chayse, who has not paid her half of the bills since she moved in. Luckily, Nikki has a friend, Bruce Seven, who is great at teaching women how to behave. Along with his serf Felecia, Bruce is going to set things straight. Get ready for an attitude adjustment!

Rocco e le Storie Vere

Rocco keeps acquainted with the most beautiful and horny women of Budapest. Every meeting should end with the lady anal seksom- is the principle Rocco. Excellent shot and performed anal sex scene in a moving automobile is a masterpiece Adult Movies. Toward the close of the 'real stories' Rocco goes to the bath, but there was a woman do not give him a moment's peace.

Dr. Butts

Temperatures are rising high in this all-backdoor sextravaganza! From the fine folks that had brought you the 'Loose Ends Series,' cums the ultimate house call ... Dr. Butts. This is a ZANY, NASTY, AND FAST MOVING video feature with all the rear pumping, butt loving rectal examinations anyone can find in each scene! The Formula for this adventure between the cheeks is the chemistry in such precise interaction between the cast and the director. Mark Arnold pulls no stops and allows Jamie, Brandy, Ed, and Jordan to engulf Candice, KC, April, and Ashley with the most erotic backdoor all girls scene, guaranteeing that you'll see these girls like you've never seen them before , giving each other and extraordinary examination! The moans and groans emitting from Candices's lips are real, as a real life Husband penetrates deep within her rear entry! KC Williams loses her on screen Virginity with her real life man of her dreams, Randy West! The first and last on screen scene of this nature she will agree to do! Jamie, Randy, and Ed show just how Nasty they can get when the three Doctor's, Dr. Butts, Dr. Cheeks, and Dr. Booty give a three way Anal exam to Candice! 4 Play Video is back to supply you with Rank adult Video Pleasures! A treat for the eyes and a cure for the Horny! Dr. Butts' rear office is open for business and has plenty of patients!

Sex And Astrology

Throughout history, there has been an undeniable link between the mystical ideas of astrology and human sexuality. With each zodiac sign comes a distinct sexual personality. In SEX AND ASTROLOGY, filmmaker Matt Cimber explores the sensual, erotic, and humorous aspects of astrology and the zodiac. He takes the viewer on a sensual journey beginning in ancient times and moving into the mystical world of today

What’s Up Nurse!

Arriving on a stretcher, intimately attached to a naked young lady, is not the best way for a new doctor to report for his first hospital duty – especially when she’s the daughter of the new boss! But Sweeney is the archetypal, accident prone innocent whose problems almost always seem to involve nubile, mostly naked young women. And Olivia, poor girl, can only achieve sexual satisfaction in moving vehicles.

LETSDOEIT - Anal Dildo Fuck and Lesbian Sex With Hot Babes

Francis Belle can't stop moving her legs and talking all the time. Therapist Sicilia has a great idea. She'll take care of Francis's lonely pussy and fuck her in the ass with a dildo until she's all r

Public Eye

Are you ready for some hot classic action? God damn right you are! In the first scene this hot brunette does her thing to a casting agent while he runs his mouth. Then a sexy chick blows a guy in a moving car. And that's just the beginning; there's enough classic fucking to make you shoot load after load!


It's amazing how lost in the cock one can get in a full blown fuckfest orgy. Watch as everyone must cum in this fast moving film. These cock hungry Euro babes really know how to get down and dirty in all the elements. They don't really seem to mind as long as they are getting reamed from behind or there is a hard cock in their mouth!

The sensational Show-Girls

Fingering her pussy, Antonia is working her way up to a glass dildo that she uses to slide between her snatch. She relieves herself all over the dildo and uses a pussy pump before moving onto a speculum that she inserts to gape her pussy wide open