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Girl teen man in ankle socks so instead of observing TV he asks her to read him his

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18yo Virgin And Her Teacher

The obsessed teacher had read Carolina's essay where she confesses that she's a virgin. Next day he invited her to his own house and talks her into a weird situation...

Lolly Ink fucks in jail

Your girlfriend Lolly Ink would love to shoot an adult movie with you. Something kinky like a jail story. It's like she can read your mind...

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My perfect feet are almost too sexy for you

Look at the soles of my sexy feet. I hope they make your cock nice and hard. The soles of my feet have a pinkish hue to them so you know they are really soft. I’m going to sit here and read a magazine

Finalmente Marina

I read somewhere that it is the last movie shoot by Marina Hedman, it really looks amateur, for Marina’s fans only; she is already 47 y.o. far from her beauty in the 70/80ies, I do not understand Italian but it looks like there is absolutely no story, the last guy is very lazy and so ugly.

Period Of Attachment

In Period of Attachment, ERIC EDWARDS, sporting a Warren-Beatty-in-Shampoo-look, and his busty wife, LISA MARKS, feel left out of that "hip, happening, 70’s swinging scene." After a banging that’s as hot as Satan’s asshole, they decide to mutually see other people. ("See"? Don’t they mean "fuck"?) Highlights include: Eric having blue flame sex with a hot filly who turns out to be his friend’s wife (!) who recommended her to begin with (!!); Miss Marks eating a black dude’s chocolate mousse on a shag rug; and lesbian action with photographer ROBIN BYRD that delivers the goods in "Cuntachrome." Then a cute JOEY SILVERA and his gal pal read Forum Variations, looking for new deviate sexual roads. "How ’bout sticking a high heel up your ass?" she asks, "Suck my dick," is Joey’s reply. (Hey, can’t argue with logic!) Eric and his wife spy on the action as Joey gives the brunette a spanking before a spunking. Eric and his lady finally come of "bond"-age as well!

Forbidden Worlds

Somewhere on the outer edges of human understanding between the windows of today and the bright steps leading to tomorrow, there stands a doorway to the imagination. A dark door beyond which hides the shocking! The lewd! The truly deviant possibilities hidden in man's psyche... A shivering coursed through our bodies as we dare that dark domain and with treoidation we read the words written thereon... "Forbidden Worlds".

Deep Throat 4

Victoria Paris takes the torch in the fourth episode, guaranteed to light your fire. Soft, sensual and seductive Linda Lovelace knows just where your sweet spot is and how to get it! She's just written a steamy book of how to's and is more than happy to demonstrate. Enjoy her escapades as she and her horny friends read between the lines and under the sheets in this lip-smacking sexual adventure.

Knight Heat

Why read the book when you can see the movie about Todd Knight, a writer with an overactive imagination. He must out all his wild, torrid stories & erotic memories on paper. Happy viewing! Over 20 movies in this set have bareback (no condom) footage!

Triple Play

Ron Jeremy stars in this naughty opus as the editor of a magazine that's devoted to the palpable pleasures of the threesome. Along with shapely secretary Kristara Barrington, Ron pours through a pile of letters from readers who want to share their own threeway experiences with the world. As Ron and Kristara read the mail, we get to watch the contents of the letter spill out in scene after scene of torrid triad trysting. The flick sizzles throughout, largely due to the awesome allure of its female cast. Some of the tastiest women in 80s hardcore lend their talents to this steamy sexvid, going all out to please. Perhaps the most delectable damsel on tap is Bunny Bleu, the all-natural original gal who sported the name. Bunny's breathtaking curves and sweet good looks lend an overpowering eroticism to her scene, and her enthusiasm and energy keep things white-hot from start to finish. Jane Allison is another treat, a little-known lust bunny whose ardor for her work is only matched by her scrumptious good looks. In the end, Ron decides to experience a bit of what he's been reading about, and the flick closes in feverish fashion with a blistering office party. This is one triple play where nobody gets tagged out!

Professor Of Sex Ed

What I planned to get into tonight, was a discussion of the clitoris, the prof announces over coffee and cookies, and then asks for a student volunteer. This whole business is carried on with such utter earnestness by everyone involved that the movie goes over the top by the back door, as it were. When the students retire to various rooms in the house with "assignments," they maintain the same mood of educational seriousness, which works to Heighten the erotic quality of their sexual homework. The students read passages from The Sex Book and then apply what they’ve read hands-on. In the background throughout, some sort of Hopi flute-rattle-drum music plays softly, adding to the atmosphere of high endeavor. "External genital organs," one cute co-ed writes in her notebook, then turns to her classmate with, "You think I should put ’cunt’ so he knows what I’m talking about?" The classmate thinks about it a moment and says, "Yeah," as if it was indeed a good idea. In another room, a hippie chick blows her classmate while he very effectively reads Shakespeare aloud to her! The Deviate was delirious! He’s never seen anything quite like this before! All the girl students have that fresh frosh look, and mirabile dictu their enjoyment of the sexual activities they methodically engage in appears to be natural and real. An unbelievable Turn-On and a Collector’s Item if there ever was one!

King Tung

King Tung is the great, great, great, etc. grandnephew of King Tut whose will is just now being read. Talk about not being able to avoid probabte. It seems that Tut has left Tung an amulet which makes all women fall at his feet or thereabouts. Of course Tung tries it and it works. He tries it on Amanda Stone, a really attractive newcomer and then, cute Dusty. Then his landlord Joey tries it on Amanda. Then Jerry tries it on a girl in a magazine ad. The mag is AVN. The magazine's cameo appearance is perhaps the highlight of this average tape. Let's see more of Amanda Stone.

Suburban Dykes

Pepper is brilliant, and Nina ought to have a postage stamp issued in her honor. FHM (UK Edition). "Nina's enthusiasm and joy bubble up like seltzer." On Our Backs. "This flick definitely delivers..." HX for Her. Starring Nina Hartley and Miss Sharon Mitchell, this classic is still a sizzling flick to get you in the mood. Nina Hartley and Pepper are a suburban lesbian couple who use a phone sex service for the first time, wanting to add some playfulness to their sex life. Nina and Pepper call the phone sex service and masturbate to a scintillating fantasy by Mistress Marlayna, working themselves into a frenzy. Pleased and excited with their first success, they read through On Our Backs magazine and decide to hire a butch from a lesbians service. Enter Sharon Mitchell, the butch lesbians, who will make dyke hearts palpitate as she takes control of satisfying both Nina and Pepper in a raw threesome orgy. A hot and nasty garage fuck scene. Phone sex talk that swells to a fevered double-vibrating pitch. And the no-holes-barred, three-way climax scene guaranteed to please even you!

Dear Fanny

DEAR FANNY answers letters on everyone's favorite subject: SEX. From Fanny's beachfront Malibu office, her two assistants and even the mailman get into the act as they read one bizarre letter after another. See Ron Jeremy in his prime stick all eleven inches into Fanny's ass after a lascivious letter sparks the nymphomaniac between her legs. Watch barely legal Amber Lynn in one of her first films give an intense blow job before begging for a hard fuck. DEAR FANNY is not just one of the best of its day, it is a timeless film that all porn fans should have the privilege to see.

Hawaii Vice 5

The Fatal Attractions Tour Agency specializes in Hawaiian Tours for single men. The Agency's sizzling sales pitch is itself an erotic journey that leaves the client too steamed up to read the fine print. The voluptuous Stephanie Rage plays Fatal, the owner and brains behind a lethal insurance scam. With her seductive partner, Lynn La May, they turn clients into victims and insurance policies into cold cash!

M Series 4

When lovely Lynn finds herself stressed out, she finds it helpful to eat ... Today's special of the day is sausage, and Sean Michaels is serving it thick and hot - the way she likes it! What's for dessert? Read the title! At Angela's Service, the customer cums first", says sexy Angela Faith to Damien and Danny, her newest recruits. That's a rule they can live with, and the boys take ol' Angie on the three-way ride of her executive life! When this blonde impales herself on Jake's cock with wanton abandon, you'll hear bombs go off! Lovely La Tushe just can't get enough ... This is one blonde babe with an itch to be a bitch!

Trinity Loren Collection 2

The most unique and foxy full figured blonde of the 80's returns to fuck with a vengeance! The soft curves, magic beauty and devastatingly heavy chest that made Trinity an in demand and prolific star of the 80's have simply never been matched since, and here we pay tribute with 12 rare loops including Anal Attraction, Nasty Treats, Under Suspicion, Erotic Starlets and more! All action is explored; pregnant, anal, lesbian (with big tit blonde Buffy Davis!), orgies... but honestly, just watching the lovely Ms. Loren read the morning paper is more than most cocks can handle! Includes rare still gallery!

Day Dreamer

Our atrocity is Day Dreamer. It’s that age old story about a man and his dong. George is a lazy meat puppet who’s having marital problems. He’d rather read Penthouse than relax with his scary wife whom he refers to as "a rhino in heat." After she storms out of the house, George falls on his couch and fantasizes about different sexual scenarios.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 17

The ’60s blonde wakes up, smiles at me...She’s cute as a kitten!...Feeling herself up...Lucky hands!...Those eyes, those breasts! I’m in love!...Marry me! Marry me! That brunette girl in purple seems to enjoy entertaining her friend on that leopard sofa...and a foursome with masks and feathers and such...Kinda kinky for yours truly. A bearded guy would rather read PLAYBOY than acknowledge his wife’s advances...Not sure I blame him...And that skinny girl’s a regular contortionist...And a sword-swallower, too...A strawberry blonde, hiking up her red dress to show white panties, she's got my attention.... Whoa! I want a divorce from that ’60s blonde - this pretty, naughty brunette has won my heart! Watch her lose her top to reveal a red bra, and...oh, Lordie! What a bod!...(But the bosomy blonde, who’s up next, she’s very pretty, too....)

Memoirs of a Chamber Maid

Amy Rogers is a romance novelist, searching for an inspirational location to rent in order to complete her latest novel. Her search leads to an old Victorian mansion filled with dust and cobwebs. While cleaning, she comes across a mysterious looking doorway, which leads to an unused attic. Exploring the attic, she finds a diary entitled "The Personal Memoirs of Molly Mae," dated 1887. She begins to read and becomes fascinated, eventually becoming obsessed with the characters in the diary. Her obsession leads to strange and mystical experiences as she begins to physically feel the emotions of the writer Molly Mae. Molly Mae, Jason, her lover, and his family, the Cromwells, magically take form and ultimately absorb Amy into their existence. As Amy falls in love with Jason, the viewer is compelled to discern what is fantasy and what is reality in this tender love story.

Erica Boyer & Tony Martino - Read My Lips No More Bush

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Cindy Read.

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Cindy Read in the shower.

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hermangela 2

another sexy angela summers scene. if you can read this you are a SICK FUCK! ...and so am i!

Cindy read and hayley jane russell

BritBabes cindy & hayley in lesbian action.


A theater company rehearse Moli?res Tartuffe in an isolated castle during the winter. The plot of the play coincides with the private lives of actors. But Tartuffe rather read Don Juan. Google translation of the cover text : To prepare for a festival of theater, a troupe director decides to take his company in a castle. The intrigue will build and take part in another form.

Can Roberto read radiography? )dWh(

You will have an answer to this fundamental question...

Why You Should Read Every Day

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Annie Sprinkle & Dwarf

I believe that I read that the dwarf was a part of the Barnum & Bailey Circus at the time.

Shagnasty and Muttley

BritBabe cindy read in this clip.

PUSSY MALONE (cindy read)

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Horny lesbian retro video with Phillip Abbott and Annette Haven

If Martha Washington looked like luscious star Annette Haven, our history books would probably read like the "Kama Sutra." Spirit of Seventy Sex is a playful, tongue-in-cheek romp backward in time, but giant steps forward in eroticism. It's a costume piece with wardrobe mostly from the Garden of Eden. Annette Haven is outrageously beautiful and maddeningly alluring, and even if this outstandingly humorous and sexy movie was filmed two centuries ago, it would still be a hit.

Hottest lesbian retro movie with Mark Davis and Paul Norman

When Nikki's lover dies without a will, his evil niece Jeanna takes her place in his home, causing everyone to unlike her in the process. But right before the will is read, the two vixens discover the one thing they may have in common: A lust for each other. And after they've satisfied their desire, they vow to take care of each other regardless of how the will reads.

Hottest classic scene with Aunt Peg and Ham Easton

A new administrator (Jessie St. James) arrives at a school where a couple of female teachers have already been fucked. She tries disciplining a couple of the more rowdy male students (John Leslie and Richard Pacheco), but they don't pay her any respect. The setting weaves the lives (read: sex lives) of various town folk, and they're all screwed up. On the outside, they appear to be normal, middle-class Americans, but St. James soon discovers the reverse is true. The Bible-thumping preacher, for example, frequents a whorehouse and jerks off watching a hooker play with herself. Everyone is screwing some one other than his or her spouse.


A theater company rehearse Molière's Tartuffe in an isolated castle during the winter. The plot of the play coincides with the private lives of actors. But Tartuffe rather read Don Juan.